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– After unveiling their Brand Ambassador, Alick Macheso, earlier this year Nash Paints has created a buzz nationwide with their “Kochekera” promotion where they are painting houses, offices and buildings on credit.
The promotion offers individuals 30% deposit and 6 months to pay off the balance on their quotations and 0% deposit and 12 months to pay for Civil Servants.
This facility has been well received with over 60 houses having been painted since the promotion’s inception.
Where has Nash Paints been all this time? Are they a new Company?  Are some of the questions people could be asking?
The answer is they have been around since 2006 but were specialising mainly in automotive paints but with the introduction of this promotion their name has spread like a wild fire amongst old and new house and business owners as they are the only company currently offering this service on a nationwide scale.
Over the past weekend  Nash Paints went from Harare to Masvingo promoting their brand, Glascor Coatings, for which Macheso is the Brand Ambassador. Nash Paints touched every corner of the town and residential areas distributing over 30 000 flyers and 300 T-shirts.
The team was given a warm welcome by the residents who also began enquiring and requesting quotations to have their houses painted.
Most of the residents said that, with the high paint prices in the area most of the paints that had been used on their houses were imported from neighbouring South Africa and with the current economic conditions they were unable to get the job done in one go, but this opportunity was going to enable them to get the job done and pay comfortably.
The Grand Opening for their newly established Masvingo branch was soulfully done with the company’s staff mixing and mingling with the town’s people over refreshments and a braii.
The company’s CEO Mr Tinashe Mutarisi said that this project was conceived from his realisation that painting seems to be considered a luxury activity however with the country’s rapidly growing construction industry the finish is not complete without the application of paint.
He also stated that it was important for people to come together and repaint Zimbabwe and give it back its original beauty which has faded with various buildings being vacant due to neglect and thus making them inhabitable.
In a statement the CEO also added that he would like to thank Macheso for being the encouragement and driving force of this idea and also took the opportunity to wish him many happy returns with the Sungura Supremo’s 46th birthday bash coming up.
The company thanked the various corporate and construction companies that have engaged into partnerships with them for all their support.
Mutarisi urged other corporate and construction companies to come on board with them stating that with all the prevailing hardships it is important to stick together and support one another.  He invited those interested in partnerships to come to their offices in Graniteside and make their enquiries. The CEO emphasized his thanks to the companies customers for paying in time, “Zimbabweans are honest people and I am proud to be Zimbabwean”.
In closing the CEO stated that Nash Paints are the new kids on the block and have everyone talking. In light of this he added that much older and bigger companies seem threatened by the vibrant and enegeretic entry into the market making them hesitant to partner with them in some of the big projects.  ‘There is enough space for all of us in the market come lets join hands and make our Nation a healthy bright and better place” –   “Kochekera ne Nash Paints and get your house painted on credit”Business

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