28th South Avenue, Harare, Zimbabwe

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enacting ideas, building legacies

Esteem Communications is a fast growing Public Relations and communications Consultancy Company which is geared to make an indelible mark in the public relations, advertising and corporate communications sector. The organisation works with rising and established Corporates, humanitarian players and public personalities/celebrities through providing top-notch services in public relations, advertising, marketing, branding, communications and multimedia services.


The organisation was born out of a desire to plug existing gaps in the way Corporates, humanitarian organisations and public personalities handle their public relations and brand management. The visionaries behind the Esteem brand are established and experienced public relations and communications personalities as well as established writers who for a long time have been working with and for local leading Corporates and humanitarian organisations. We also handle public relations and brand management for celebrities as a way of generating goodwill and sustaining business.


By the end of each passing day, Esteem Communications continues to explore new horizons in its sphere of influence at the same time reinventing itself in tune with obtaining trends in the industry. We are the game changers and we believe in enacting our clients’ ideas into profitable businesses and recognisable legacies.